barbacoa.PRO is much more than just a BBQ dealer. After all, practically anyone can burn meat or other food, but us enthusiasts strongly believe that is not the way to do it. We—and fortunately increasingly more people with us—believe that good food is too often ruined under the guise of 'BBQ'ing'. This fails to do justice to the age-old history of preparing good and tasty products in a way that we nowadays call barbecuing.

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barbacoa PRO 36/14



  • Grill Grate
  • Grill platform
  • Ash tool
  • Pizza stone
  • Pizza stone holder
  • Cover
  • Movable frame on wheels
  • Bamboo side tables
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This Barbacoa PRO barbecue is the larger version of the small, portable version. With its 35.5 kg, it is less easy to move than the 28/11. Nevertheless, the 36/14 is very handy to use. With this size, you can easily cook for groups of up to eight people.

Additional information

Grill size

355 mm

Outer size BBQ

432 mm

Height BBQ

500 mm


35,5 kg


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