barbacoa.PRO is much more than just a BBQ dealer. After all, practically anyone can burn meat or other food, but us enthusiasts strongly believe that is not the way to do it. We—and fortunately increasingly more people with us—believe that good food is too often ruined under the guise of 'BBQ'ing'. This fails to do justice to the age-old history of preparing good and tasty products in a way that we nowadays call barbecuing.

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It can be said that barbacoa.PRO has arisen out of necessity. The Dutch founder and director of barbacoa.PRO has been working with and in China for decades and has also lived and undertaken there. As a kamado enthusiast, a kamado grill was purchased at a certain moment in the Netherlands. He wanted to place the kamado in a nice outdoor table but was very shocked by the prices. That’s why a nice table was made to measure with a good natural stone leaf. From the acquaintance circle there was a demand for the table, which was taken into production. When there was also a request to supply the kamado grill, this turned out not to be possible. The existing suppliers had almost ‘blocked’ this possibility among the producers.

Because entrepreneurial blood crawls where it can not go, the glove was eventually picked up with barbacoa.PRO as a result.

High Quality Grill

Barbacoa.PRO today stands for a high quality kamado grill for a very good price.

This is possible because of our enthusiasm and expertise. This ensures grip on and involvement in the quality of the basic materials, a responsible production process up to the end product, logistics and resale including aftercare.

The kamado grills of barbacoa.PRO prove time and again that entrepreneurship, combined with passion and attention to detail, offers the highest added value for you as a customer!